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Vulkan Steel Manufacturing was founded on the principles of outstanding customer service, superior craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and a constant desire to push the boundaries of metal fabrication capabilities. We also employ a unique start-to-finish approach to the manufacturing industry. We have a fully-staffed team of certified engineers, metal fabricators, and millwrights, so our company is unique in the sense that we can engineer assemblies, components, or machinery, build and assemble them in our shop, and install them in the the field for the client. Vulkan is there for you from the idea to the completed product. Read more about our services below!

ENGINEERING - Our engineering subsidiary, ETS, employs experienced certified engineers that afford us the ability to work with customers to create customized components and machinery.

FABRICATION - Our state-of-the-art waterjet allows us to cut even the most complex shapes faster and with greater accuracy. Waterjet technology is the most effective cutting solution – and among the most efficient, cost-saving ones – for aerospace, energy, construction, hydraulics, medical, electronics, robotics, military, and other industries that require components with highly intricate cuts, complex shapes, and the tightest, most reliable tolerances. Whatever your industry or application, waterjet cutting can handle the job to your exact specifications. We also have the ability to cut large-format sheet and plate on our Kinetic plate processors, which also have machining capabilities build in for accurate milling, drilling, and boring straight off of the table. We can form thick plate and sheet metal with our 450- ton brake and hydraulic press brake, as well as on our three-roll and angle roll. Our team of experienced welders provides our company with extensive fabrication capabilities with their ability to weld stainless, carbon, galvanized, aluminum, and copper. We fabricate structural steel and sheet metal. In addition, if the piece you need for your project cannot be fabricated on the job site, we have a 45,000 sq.ft. full metal fabrication facility with the capabilities to fabricate the item or items you need to get the job done. We are always working to expand our fabrication services even further, so if your company requires any kind of fabricated metal components or assemblies--we are here to help!


MACHINE SHOP - Our machine shop is fully equipped with several styles of mills and lathes, including a brand new Hurco lathe and Hurco 5-axis mill. We take pride in the knowledge that we can tackle almost any job in an efficient manner, offering personal service, on-time deliveries, and quality - all at a reasonable cost. We can perform operations involving turning, milling, boring, facing, drilling, and tapping. We have automatic programmable CNC and manual machines to ensure optimal quality.

MILLWRIGHT SERVICES - With our millwright services, we can remove, replace, relocate, or install any piece of equipment or machinery with precision and safety. When that equipment or machinery requires maintenance, repairs or modifications, Vulkan Steel Manufacturing and its partners stand ready for that challenge. Our partners have more than two-decades of experience in removing, replacing, relocating, and installing hundreds of pieces of equipment and machinery in every size, shape, weight, and near impossible condition. We will never walk away from the most demanding request; rather, we’ll work to complete that mission with precision and safety. At Vulkan we understand your needs and are available for scheduled shutdowns, emergency breakdowns, and to set-up, install, assemble, maintain, and repair all of your machinery and equipment, at any hour, 365 days of the year.

OTHER SERVICES - Competitive bidding/estimation, in-house AutoCAD drafting and design, conveyor fabrication and installation, new machine installations, laser shaft alignment, custom fabrication, rigging, and more.




Hurco 5-axis Mill

Hurco Lathe

Bridge Port Milling Machine

Compumill HMC 410

Leadwell LTC 30 CPL Lathe

Leadwell MV 1000 Vertical Mill

Matsuura CNC Vertical Mill

Mori Seiki Lathe

LeBlonde Engine Lathe

Okuma Engine Lathe

Okuma MC-5VA Vertical Machining Center

Okuma LC20 CNC Lathe



Flow International Mach 3 4020B Waterjet with 5-axis head

Kinetic K3000 Plate Processor with machining capabilities, plasma, & oxyfuel

Kinetic K5000 Plate Processor with machining capabilities, plasma, & oxyfuel

Hornet HD CNC Plasma Table with plasma & oxyfuel

450-ton American Standard Brake

Amada HFB-1254 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

84” Cosen Three Roll with mechanical arms

Cosen Saw with vertical feed and angle cutting capabilities

Peerless Horizontal Band Saw

DoAll Band Saw

Oilgear Horizontal Broach Machine

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